Human Resource Management System

  • Web based (SaaS)
  • Module based – Personnel, Payroll, Cashier, Human Resources
  • Report generator, export capability to – xls, pdf, odt, doc, xml, etc.
  • Additional functionalities – Civic Contracts, Mass Payments, Work Schedules, Work Cards, Bonuses

SaaS software model gives the following benefits to the customer:

  • Initial investment for acquisition amounting to BGN 0.00
  • Extremely attractive usage fees with no hidden amounts of payment;
  • No installation and configuration required;
  • Always comply with all legislative changes;
  • No system administrator required for support;
  • Permanent access to data from anywhere, no matter where you are.


Each new customer receives one month (processing period) completely free of charge after selecting the configuration and registration for the service, as well as a free plan for small businesses with up to 5 employees.



The module manages all employment contracts and agreements, civil contracts, additional employment agreements, absences etc.

  • Employment – working with employment contracts and civil contracts, additional employment agreements
  • Leaves – sick leaves, maternity leaves, paid annual leaves
  • Full-time employees planning
  • Working schedules and shifts


Manages the formation of the salaries, bonuses and other benefits. Is used for the calculation of the charges (personal and at the expense of an employer) – social security charges, tax charges, accrual of advances and others.

  • Calculation of accruals and deductions
  • Accrual advances
  • Fixed amounts distribution to departments, divisions, etc.
  • Working
  • Create and maintain a custom archive of amounts for every employee


The cashier module is designated for managing the payment of the salaries, giving advances, bonuses, etc.

  • Working with wage slips
  • Wages-sheets
  • Certificates, memorandums
  • Data transmission to banks for mass payroll

Human resources

The human resources module covers some activities related to human resources management in the organization.

  • Working with employee dossier
  • Qualifications, certificates
  • Trainings

Tereza – SaaS

HRMS TEREZA is available as a service (SaaS) after paying a symbolic subscription fee via Tereza SaaS is the ideal solution for any company that wants to focus on its core business and leave the technical details in the hands of specialists. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses who would like to acquire powerful human resource management tools against a low monthly fee and free support.

All the data of HRMS Tereza SaaS is in a dedicated data center with a daily backup and protection against recently mass-spread Crypto Viruses. The data is protected from the impact of accidents and natural disasters and the access to it is guaranteed 24 hours / 7 days a week.


Tereza – License purchase

When a license is purchased, Tonegan offers a complete solution that includes both work tools – the system itself with all the functionality and highly qualified services related to consultancy and methodological assistance for initial setup, training, installation, after-sales support and product development.

Tonegan’s validation methodology for operating the system guarantees a result that will best meet the needs of every customer, regardless of its particular needs. Its main steps are:

  1. Researching and defining a development task;
  2. Design of the system on the given task;
  3. Further expansion of the product’s functional range;
  4. Installation of the product;
  5. Training and trial work with the system;
  6. On-site assistance and control.

When purchasing a HRMS TEREZA license, each customer receives an individual offer tailored to the specific case. To ensure that the customer only pays what he will use as a product and service, Tonegan proposes organizing a meeting defining the scope and calculating the total cost for the entire project.

You can find more information about Teresa’s Human Resource Management System on the product site.

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