In the process of putting into operation of the products under the “Tonegan” brand are occupied highly qualified and trained specialists, who proved their professionalism in many successful projects. When implementing its Business Management Systems, Tonegan applies a specific methodology that guarantees high efficiency and maximum satisfaction of the client’s requirements for the end result of system deployment.


The stages of the implementation process are as follows:

Stage 1

Project planning

Assigning a consulting team. Drawing up a general plan of tasks, planning the organization and administration of the project
Stage 2

Diagnostics, analysis and functional description of business processes.

Creating a functional description of the business solution, which includes – defining the client’s objectives, describing the existing business processes, describing in detail the user’s requirements regarding documents, classifiers, reports, and changes to the existing process organization and information flows.
Stage 3

Application design

Setting the application’s parameters according the specifications described in the functional description. Design of the system’s documents, classifiers, system outputs as well as interfaces between the individual modules that build the solution and the external systems used by the client.
Stage 4

Installation of the application

Getting ready the system software (OS, DB software) and the hardware platform and the communication between the server and the workstations. Installing the solution.
Stage 5

End users training

Organising training courses for users of the system, lectures, practical exercises in their day-to-day work.
Stage 6

Conversion of data

Transferring all possible data from the old system to the new – manually or automated.
Stage 7

Testing the solution

Testing the solution in real-life conditions. Resetting the procedures and corrections.
Stage 8

Putting into operation

Real operation with accompanying author’s control for several months.


Tonegan provides free standard support for the system within the first year of its purchase. After one year’s expiration, Tonegan offers a contract to its customers to receive this service.

Standard support includes:

  • Providing the customer with the opportunity to contact the TONEGAN Support Centera for issues related to the operation of the System.
  • Guarantee for adaptations related to changes in the legislation.
  • Guarantee for development and improvement in a timely manner and in accordance with the modern trends in similar business management software products.
  • Delivery of new versions of the product.


In order to provide a complex service support of the Tonegan ERP, the company offers its clients additional support including:

  • Providing an authorized from Tonegan coordinator – a person responsible for maintaining the necessary technical and organizational links to implement the subject of additional support.
  • Additional consultations or case studies on the operation or use of the System. For this purpose “Tonegan” Ltd. provides the client with the opportunity to contact the consultancy centers.
  • Software development complementing, expanding and optimizing the system.
  • Developing technologies and procedures to work with the System.
  • Training of specialists of the client.
  • Computer processing of information related to the System.
  • Conducting seminars, presentations and discussions on the System.
  • Functionality tests.
  • Upon customer request, Tonegan can also provide additional warranty support: 24 hours, 7 days (FLS).


Tonegan offers to its current and future clients the development of custom-made solutions. These services include both extending the existing functionality of TONEGAN ERP by adding new modules and functionalities, as well as developing additional software – “Mobile solution for distributors of the company”, “Customer web portal for customers”, tailored solutions and others.

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