year 1987

The main team, which later founded “Tonegan” OOD, was formed In the  “Microsys” facility, “Software House” division – Dobrich. The first software products developed in the divisions were implemented in the „OblAgroPromSnab” Ukraine” (1987-90).
year 1992

In April 1992, the Tonegan OOD was registered with the main business activity of designing, developing, implementing and maintaining business software.
year 1994

An office located in Sofia /the capital of Bulgaria/ is opened. The team is engaged in the sales, implementation and maintenance of the first products with the TONEGAN brand – Tonegan PP
year 1995

An office is set up in Varna. In addition to the sales, implementation and maintenance of Tonegan PP, the team is also involved with IBM hardware service.
year 1996

Tonegan opens a representative office in Veliko Tarnovo.
year 1997

Tonegan established relationships for representation with an IT company from Rousse. ET Rositsa Getsova undertakes the commitment to sell, implement and maintain the Tonegan PP in the Rousse region.
year 1999

In order to receive support and other maintainance services for the TONEGAN customers in Pleven region, an office has been opened.
year 2001

Tonegan implemented and  has been certified for compliance with ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system.
year 2002

Opened an office in Burgas.
year 2004

Opened an office in Plovdiv
year 2010

Tonegan Ltd. acquires a new website at, giving the opportunity to its clients to receive services online.
year 2011 г.

The website of the latest web based product of Tonegan Ltd. –, which is the successor of Teresa NP, has been launched. The Personnel Management System can be used as SaaS (Software as a Service). The development and the improvement of the system continues nowadays.