ERP class – Business Мanagement System

  • Module based– integrated software management system with logical division of business processes in the organization in different modules – Manufacturing, Warehouse, Purchases, Sales, Banks, Cash and Payables/Receivables, Accounting, VAT, Fixed assets, Financial Analyzes. Flexible options for step-by-step deployment of individual modules according to company needs and capabilities. Export of data to external accounting systems for companies without their own accounting department.
  • Simultaneous work in several companies and periods. Ability to transfer data between businesses and periods.
  • Access control – Define different access for users or groups of users / roles / to modules, functionalities, reports. Keeping a transaction log.
  • Report Generator – standard and custom reports, exportable to Excel, PDF, XML, CSV, RTF, Text, HTML. The generator allows literally unlimited number of reports.
  • Custom / Tailored Solutions – Developing customized / tailored solutions for specific customer’s requirements and integrating them with TONEGAN ERP. Custom manufacturing modules have been developed for the needs of bread and bakery industry, milk and dairy products manufacturing industry, paints and varnishes manufacturing, as well as specific restaurant management modules.
  • Mobile Software and smartphone APPs – TONEGAN develops applications that allow the users to be mobile but not at the expense of the loss of information. Mobile applications serve both to place orders and making sales (exVan) on site and at the same time enable the next delivery request to be entered. Using mobile barcode scanners or smartphone devices allows the sales person/merchandisers and marketing staff to receive quick and accurate information about the actual stock inventories, promotions and prices.


Manufacturing management

Standard module for the system for planning and management of resources TONEGAN ERP. It plans and manages the production of goods, products and the spending of raw materials with predefined, quantitative and qualitative criteria for finished products. Processes related to commercial packaging, packing and prepackaging are managed.


Warehouse management

Income, expense, inter-warehouse movements of inventories. Automatic inventory count, including counting with mobile devices and barcode scanners. Blocking quantities, maintaining all methods of spending of goods, product and raw materials such as FIFO, LIFO etc.Managing stock locations. Multiple units and units transformations are supported.



Applying discount and price policies. Issuing offers, bills of goods, pro-forma invoices and tax invoices, debit and credit notes. Aggregating valuable statistical information. Organising promotions with automatic tracking on start and end date. The system works with custom defined printing forms according to the client’s requirements (commercial or warehouse meaning).



This module automates and manages the activities related to the sales of goods and services, enabling the whole process from enrolling client requests and orders through their logistics to the location and reporting of each sale at end of the day. There is a possibility to make sales on mobile devices, incl. smartphones and tablets.



With this module all departments in the company send their purchase requests/requirements for raw materials, goods and services to the Purchase department. The purchase department aggregates all of them and collects offers from the suppliers, then sends them automatically generated purchase orders (PO). In the module are stored all invoices from suppliers. The cost of purchase is calculated for every delivery or as whole.


Purchasing management

Automates the process of authorizing the purchase of materials, goods and services from the management staff. Stores the information about the contracts with suppliers . The authorization and approval processes are with hierarchical levels and value ranges according the cost of the purchase. This module is connected with the Purchases module.


Bank, cash and payables/receivables

The module tracks and manages the cash and bank flow of funds – receivables, payables, payment plans, leases and other deferred payment schemes. Automates the relations with banks (filling and printing of bank documents). Gives options for aging analysis of payables/receivables.


Financial analyses and budgeting

The module automates the budgeting of revenues and expenses. Track the the real budget execution with the ability to match plan / actual execution, adjusting the budget with the option of preserving the status before correction. The module gives various options for financial analyses.



Aggregates the accounting information of the company incoming from the other modules in TONEGAN ERP (sales, purchases, fixed assets etc.). This is realized with automatic records made for every operation for incoming or outgoing materials, goods, services. The module gives various quick reports for the financial state of the company. It automates routine work as opening, closure operations, issuing financial reports etc.



Registration of VAT transactions. Ledgers for Purchases and Sales. Monthly and annual declarations. Deduction reports. Transmission of data to NRA. Merging ledgers from company’s divisions.


Fixed assets

Used for management of tangible and intangible fixed assets, calculation of depreciation, revaluation, making accounting and tax depreciation plans, has link with Accounting module for automatic posting. Tracking of repairs and reconstructions, managing asset locations, Insurances, rents, and more. The module allows for a third depreciation plan – for corporate consolidation needs and regulator needs (еg SEWRC – State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission)


General resources

The module collects all common resources of the system – nomenclatures, basic parameters, etc.


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