ТОНЕГАН ERP – Invoicing

Calculating discounts, running company’s price policy, issuing bills of goods, pro forma invoices and tax invoices, debit and credit notes, aggregating statistical information. Promotions with automatic tracking on start and end date are managed. The system works with custom printing forms for documents according to the contractor or document type (with commercial or warehouse meaning).


Key features

  • Automates the invoicing of raw materials, production, goods, packing, services, fixed assets.
  • Pricing methodology – from product, from gross carrying amount, from price list
  • Different types of discounts: from nomenclature (Inventory, Services, Partners etc.), by dates (for a period of time, closest to date), others (quantitative, on customer’s turnover etc.)
  • Different types of price lists: by dates, by partner, general price lists etc.
  • Trader Statistics, OLAP analytical reports, report generator


Additional features:

  • User defined descriptions of offers/quotes, bills of goods, invoices
  • User defined language in invoices according the country of origin of the partner
  • User defined currency in invoices according the preferred currency of the partner
  • Define a maximum payment term for a customer
  • Block quantities for customer
  • Working with a credit limit on customers
  • Processing of prepayments – issue of invoices for prepayments
  • Automated tracking of deliveries by prepayments


Offers, Receivable prepayments invoices , Warranty periods – sales, Invoices in foreign currencies, Price lists in foreign currencies, Printing invoices in foreign languages, Accompanying excise documents, Custom invoices (Metro, Billa,…), Report generator, OLAP – analytical reports, Document designer, Interface to Bankservice, Interface to Eltrade/Accior (EDI)

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