TONEGAN ERP – Warehouse

Income, expense, inter-warehouse movements of inventories. Automatic inventory count, including counting with mobile devices and barcode scanners. Blocking quantities, maintaining all methods of spending of goods, product and raw materials such as FIFO, LIFO etc.Managing stock locations. Multiple measurement units and units transformations are supported.



Key features

  • Tracking inventory in more than one unit
  • Fractional measurement units – possibility to work with full-fledged fractions
  • Work with grouped goods
  • Ability to block quantities
  • Storage and tracking of inventory‘s “Factory number”
  • Working with “Warranty Period” and “Term of Service”
  • Automatic “Inventory counting”

Additional features:

  • User defined Inventory coding with vast possibilities for using different Inventоry Types /row materials, products, goods, services, machines etc./
  • Using a numerical-symbol codes
  • User defined warehouse documents
  • Automatic spending of inventories with “Red Batch”
  • Automatic recalculation the expense value at the end of a period
  • Keeping track of the maximum allowed quiantity for inventories
  • User access restrictions to any type of documents on two levels – for each user individually or for a group of users
  • User access restrictions to any warehouse
  • User access control for correction and delete stored documents
  • Keep track of inventory in additional currency


Inventory count, Quantity Blocking, Report Generator, Multiple Currencies Values, Custom Documents Designer

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