TONEGAN ERP – Bank, cash and payables/receivables

The module covers cash flow management activities – receivables, payables, payment plan, lease and other deferred payment schemes. Automation of relations with banks (automatic completion and printing of bank documents). The cashier operations of the organization are covered too.


Key features:

  • Create and insert bank documents
  • Create and insert cashier documents
  • Receivables management
  • Payables management
  • Contracted receivables (leasing schemes, rents, etc.)
  • Provisioning of receivables
  • Revaluation between currencies (bank, cashier, receivables, payables)


Additional features:

  • Cash book
  • Payments plan
  • Aging analysis of receivables and payables
  • Recapitulations
  • Interface to Accounting module
  • Interface to bank accounts



Documents in different currencies, Invoice receivables, Contracted receivables and payables, Estimated receivables and payables, Generator of reports

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