TONEGAN ERP – Fixed Assets

Used for management of tangible and intangible fixed assets, calculation of depreciation, revaluation, making accounting and tax depreciation plans, has link with Accounting module for automatic posting. Tracking of repairs and reconstructions, managing asset locations, Insurances, rents, and more. The module allows for a third depreciation plan – for corporate consolidation needs and regulator needs (еg SEWRC – State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission)



Key features

  • Calculation of accounting depreciation by two depreciation rates simultaneously
  • Calculating tax depreciation
  • Making accounting and tax depreciation plans /ADP and TDP/
  • Tracking historical cost, revaluations, repairs and reconstructions
  • Calculation of depreciation in two currencies simultaneously

Additional features:

  • Ability to automatically generate a group of documents according to custom set criteria
  • Making adjustments for past periods/months
  • Calculation of depreciation using the actual mileage, production output.
  • Keeping track of rental relationships
  • Reports generator


Correction for Past Months, Group Revaluation, Currency Values, Second Depreciation Rate, Report Generator, Document Designer

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