Danone has been working with TONEGAN since 1997. Tonegan’s team of professionals has been able to adapt the TONEGAN ERP modules to our needs perfectly. Throughout the period of mutual work, the problems that have arisen have found competent and timely solutions with the help of Tonegan team.

Albena Haralampieva - Manager of Consolidation and Reports, Danon-Serdika SA

Tonegan’s application software is a multifunctional, flexible, integrated system made by professionals, tailored to the needs of business by automation of overall accounting, warehousing, planning and reporting of labor and wages and management information in accordance with the legislation and regulations in our country, with quick and convenient user experience.

D.Sc. Darina Ivanova - Head of Information Systems Department, Sofia Postal Messages, Sofia

TONEGAN ERP offers an original approach to the organization of the economical relations between businesses. Facilitates the registration of primary documentation, minimizes the likelihood of errors, provides management staff with a variety of reports.

Bozhinka Stoycheva - Chief Accountant, Water Supply Dobrich EOOD

Tonegan’s products are easy to learn, updated on time and open to innovation. They always comply with the accounting and tax legislation. They achieve complete automation in accounting, economic analysis and financial forecasting.

Milena Krasteva- Chief accountant, Manuela AD, Haskovo