Tonegan is a company specializing in the design, development and maintenance of  business software products, hardware services and system integration, meeting the needs, expectations and requirements of  its customers.

Confident that the rise of Tonegan is linked to the full satisfaction of customers’ needs, we continue the ongoing process of improving our QMS /Quality Management System/ and our products.


In order to improve work efficiency and meet customer requirements, Tonegan has set itself the following main tasks:

  • Optimization of customer support processes for the company;
  • Increasing the functionality of – elaboration of a module “Services”;
  • Increasing the functionality of TONEGAN ERP – development of a “Sales and Distribution” module;

The fulfillment of the assigned tasks will lead to significant improvement of the processes, improvement of the quality of services and to the maximum satisfaction of the client’s requirements.

To assess the implementation of the first goal, Tonegan sets a performance ratio that will be an indicator of the correctness of the measures taken. The coefficient will be calculated by the formula:

K = Amount E./ Hours


K – efficiency factor;

Amount E – Amounts received under Additional Support Contracts;

Hours – Hours spent on performance of contracts.

“K” must not be less than 35.

To assess the fulfillment of the second, third and fourth objectives, Tonegan sets a deadline for implementation. The project is to end 2018.

The management of the company is committed to achieving the basic tasks set out and will make every effort to implement them.

Persistent in pursuit of quality, for more than 26 years, we build traditional values ​​such as dedication and innovative thinking to our associates. Their dedication and commitment to the company’s objectives make Tonegan a better place to work and are a guarantee of their achievement.


Managing director: Hayk S. Egikyan

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Quality policy of TONEGAN Ltd.