The awards for Tonegan’s products confirm undoubtedly the authority of the company as the country’s leading developer of information systems with an economic focus.

Awards 2007

On 27.02.2008. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Dobrich gave its traditional annual awards. Honorary awards are in a total of 9 categories. Tonegan Ltd was awarded for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2007.

Awards 2004

Module “Accounting” and module “VAT”, part of the Tonegan Business management system /TONEGAN ERP/, were awarded with a gold medal and diploma in the organized by the International Fair Plovdiv during the 60th International Technical fair.

Awards 1995

With Golden Medal and diploma from the Autumn Plovdiv Technical Fair was awarded the Integrated accounting system “Tongegan PP”, consisting of modules:

Albena-Tonegan – General accounting

Denitsa-Tonegan – Reporting of VAT transactions

Diana-Tonegan – Inventory and invoicing

Mira-Tonegan – Fixed assets and depreciation

Theresa-Tonegan – Personnel and Wages

Awards 1993

The program “Albena-Tonegan” (accounting and cost) is awarded with a gold medal and a diploma from the Autumn Plovdiv Technical Fair.