TONEGAN ERP – Accounting

The module collects all of the company’s accounting information. This is accomplished by creating automatic entries from the other functional elements (Purchases, Sales, Warehouses, Fixed Assets etc.). In addition to standard functionality, the module allows a high level of automation of routine activities such as posting, cost calculation, periods opening and closure etc. This is accomplished through the TONEGAN – created apparatus for defining and implementing automatic accounting documents and processes. The system has a standard set of reports and has the ability to be defined virtually unlimited number of individual, user defined reports.


Key features

  • Store and access to primary documents within the year and several previous years
  • Transformation of the data in different currencies
  • Consolidated balance sheets, including equity accounting


Additional features:

  • Posting by row or whole document with multiple records
  • Automated accounting documents
  • Automated accounting processes
  • Analytical nomenclatures depending on the debit or credit contribution of the synthetic account
  • Various reports and statements / Cash Flow, Changes in Equity, Profit and Loss account – P&L etc/
  • User access control – to accounts, to reports, to accounting folders


Automated acc. documents, Automated acc. processes, Connection with external Accounting, Report generator, Financial statements.

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